CNC Machining and Prototyping

CNC machining production

We’re proud to offer a number of precision manufacturing methods in support of build-to-print or new design integration efforts.  Digital 3D and 2D design files from Creo, Solidworks or Unigraphics can be directly imported into our machining processes rapidly. Our team of engineers can help optimize existing designs across manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, welding, CARC painting or plating.

Allied Defense machining services offer you precision fabrication of steel or aluminum parts in any volume. We specialize in multi-axis milling, turning, surface grinding, laser engraving and much more. In addition, you’re assured that all raw materials will meet your exact Technical Data Package specifications because of our best-in-class Quality Assurance verification.  That’s one of many reasons why we are a preferred supplier to world-class companies for their most demanding CNC machining projects. 

Some of our CNC Equipment



 General process information

3-axis milling

4-axis milling


Max. part size

• 2133 x 1200 x 500 mm
• 84.7 x 47.2 x 19.6 in
• 2000 x 1200 x 500 mm
• 78.7 x 47.2 x 19.6 in
• Ø 350 x 600 mm
• Ø 13.8 x 23.6 in

Min. feature size

• Ø 0.50 mm
• Ø 0.019 in
• Ø 0.50 mm
• Ø 0.019 in
• Ø 0.50 mm
• Ø 0.019 in


• Standard (default): +/- 0.002 in for metal and +/- 0.010 in for plastics
• Fine: +/- 0.001 in for metal and +/- 0.005 in for plastics
• Custom: Requires 2D drawing. Reviewed case by case.

Lead time

As low as 18 days for
less than 50 parts
As low as 20 days for
less than 50 parts
As low as 8 days for
less than 50 parts




Stainless Steel


Other metal

ABS 2024 303 Armor - RHA -12500 Series Brass
Nylon 6 6061 - T6 304 Armor - High Hardness - 46100 Series Copper
Acetal (Delrin) 6082 316 Armor - 5000 Series  Titanium
Polycarbonate 7075 2205 Duplex Inquire for additional options
PVC 5083 17-4
HDPE 5086 420
PTFE (Teflon)
Nylon GF




CARC Painting Bead blasting Polishing Heat treating
Anodizing Brushing Screen printing Passivating
Powder coating Painting Engraving Plating